If you’re new to AidtoAll, welcome! You’ve discovered a new method for communities to work together during times of crisis, the opportunity to receive immediate financial relief, or the ability to directly help your community.

We’re glad you’re here. If you need help, we want to make sure you know how AidtoAll works. If you can provide help, we want to make sure you know how your generosity impacts your community.

Our Company

Three Arrows, d/b/a ‘AidtoAll’ is a 501(c)(3) public charity, providing immediate financial relief directly to communities impacted by crisis, disasters, or emergencies. We distribute tax-deductible aid to anyone experiencing short-term, financial hardships resulting from widespread crisis.

AidtoAll Technology - Powering the Lifecycle of Community-Based Aid

  • AidtoAll utilizes a proprietary platform that provides communities with technology, tools, and services that enable an immediate ‘charitable exchange’ between those in need and those who can help.

  • Donors contribute to localized emergency hardship funds online or through ACH or wire transfer.

  • Applicants apply online or through one of our partner organizations.

  • Funds are distributed directly to approved applicants using prepaid, reloadable MasterCard debit accounts.

  • The AidtoAll platform tracks all relief spend that is distributed to applicants . We do this on a transaction-by-transaction basis, so we can provide real-time impact data for all donations we receive, and to ensure that every dollar donated is providing relief within the community.

  • We’re currently focused on helping communities get through the COVID-19 pandemic. Our long-term goal is to build AidtoAll into a platform that can be utilized to provide localized, emergency hardship relief during any crisis, anywhere.

Individual and Family Emergency Assistance

Under federal guidelines, charitable funds cannot be distributed to individuals and families based solely on the basis that they are victims of a disaster. Therefore, AidtoAll uses a set of objective criteria to assess each applicant's eligibility for emergency hardship assistance.

Applicants must provide information that establishes the following:

  • Applicants are temporarily unable to be self-sufficient as a result of sudden and severe personal or family crisis.

  • Applicants lack the resources to obtain basic necessities.

  • Applicants must provide proof of self-sufficiency prior to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Applicants current income is not sufficient to pay for short-term basic necessities for themselves and/or their family.

  • Applicants must provide documentation of any current household income, including tax-exempt income (e.g. government assistance, additional charitable aid) and short-term estimated expenses (one month).

Application and Grant Process
  • Applicants can apply once per month and can re-apply thirty (30) days after submitting an application if their individual or household income continues to be insufficient.

  • Monthly grant amounts range between $250 - $1500; exceptions are made for individuals and families with extraordinary, emergency hardships.

Donations and Distribution of Aid
  • Donors can contribute to local hardship funds by Credit or Debit Card through our proprietary payments gateway, and by ACH, Wire Transfer, or Check, all at

  • All donations are used for short-term emergency relief and provided directly to approved applicants.

  • AidtoAll does not take any fee from donations, ensuring the greatest impact to the communities we serve.

  • Relief is distributed on prepaid, reloadable MasterCard debit accounts, and all spend is tracked through the AidtoAll platform.

Small Businesses Emergency Assistance*

AidtoAll is registered under federal guidelines to provide relief to small businesses for the following purposes:

  • To aid individual business owners who are financially needy or otherwise distressed.

  • To combat community deterioration.

  • To lessen the burdens of government.

*AidtoAll is currently only accepting direct applications for Individuals and Families. As this crisis evolves, we will continue to collaborate with and facilitate state and federal grant programs and provide charitable assistance to small businesses on behalf of private donors.